Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Building - Safety

A Time to Rally Around Safety
Over the past couple years, ABARTA has put a lot of energy behind the Safe Start Safety Program.  Virtually every employee has been trained under this program during this time.
On September 19th, 2013 Shared Financial Services held its annual PIT Rally.  As part of the rally, a meeting was led by the Monkey Business Team, our grass roots innovation team.  The topic discussed was “Safety in the New Building.”  Since we were settled into the new building, it was thought to be a good time to review the safety features, as well as any potential safety hazards or safety tips. 
The meeting started with a viewing of a “Safety in The Office”video.  This was rather interesting and brought many laughs to the meeting.  The video reminded the group of important office safety hazards to watch out for.
The video was followed up with a few safety trivia facts on the new building.  Included was information on the number of fire extinguishers, location of first aid kit and speed limits posted on the driveway and parking lot.
The group then divided into teams and participated in a brainstorming session on Safety tips, hazards and safety suggestions for the new building.   The new ideas are being filtered and many will move forward for implementation to make our new building an even safer place for all!
We ended the meeting with a safety scavenger hunt.  The groups had to hunt for red paper clips that were attached to different safety items in the building.  Along with having team building time,   this activity brought fun into the day and got everyone acquainted with the building safety features.
The meeting was both educational, by getting each person familiar with the new facility; and generated a lot of good ideas for improving safety.  The event was a way of taking the basics we learned from Safe Start and building upon them.
The meeting was followed by a group event at PNC Park, where our work group attended a Pittsburgh Pirate baseball game. The day was a good combination of fun and getting some great results on the topic of Safety.